Irie Rockers 6:30 - 8PM Set

- Stephen Jones
- Shara Jones
- Nathan Jones
- April Hagans
- James Khougaz
- Marcus Jones

As a band of experienced musicians rooted in Reggae, together we aim to reflect our similar, yet unique, upbringings through music. We love our rich musical diversity, so listeners can expect to hear stylistic influences from Rock, R & B and sometimes a little Hip Hop or Funk, throughout each song.  

Assembled in 2015 Stevie Culture,   along with Brody Forester, Brian Sykes, Cyrus Wong-Weissman and later  April Mae and Shara Culture, Irie Rockerz shares a vision to create music that represents the ideals of the communities in their area, Humboldt County.  

Ideals to spread Divine Love, Peace, Unity and Joy.  Irie Rockerz is sure to get you and your friends dancing, smiling and having an Irie time.