Fire Overn Pizza

Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival is seeking food vendors to provide our large crowd with good eats! For more information please contact George Custer @ 541-225-8484 

Please use the following form to apply as a vendor: Oakridge Keg & Cask Vendor Application


The fee for a 10’ x 10’ booth space is $60.00. This includes the cost of electricity. You must provide a 50’ electrical cord to plug into our power. Your booth and all merchandise/equipment must fit within the 10’ x 10’ space allowed. Ensure you indicate on your application if you will need power for your booth. This will help our staff to plan for your needs.

Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival reserves the right to reject an application. Any applicant that is rejected will be refunded the full amount of their deposit/booth space fee.

Vendors will only perform the activity for which their application was approved. Activity by the vendor outside the approved use may result in vendor forfeiting their booth space and being asked to leave the festival.

All vendors will be respectful of other vendors and their booth space. “Heckling” of patrons and other obnoxious activity will not be tolerated. Please remember that we want all attendees to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience at the festival.

Any use of smoke, fire or flame within the vendor’s booth will require the vendor have a certified and compliant ABC fire extinguisher, 5# minimum, available at all times within the booth.

Pop-ups are not required but are highly encouraged due to the late-summer heat and sun. Please be prepared for strong afternoon winds in Oakridge. Sandbags or other means to secure your pop-up and displays is also recommended. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure his booth is sturdy and safe. “flying” pop-ups can cause serious personal injury and damage to other vendor’s booths. Be a good neighbor- secure your stuff!

Strolling/moving vendors will not block other booths/vendors nor block any entrances/exits. Be respectful of your right to wander among the attendees.

SET UP. Vendors may begin setting up at 1:00 p.m. on the day of the event. Please check in with the Vendor Manager upon arrival. The Vendor Manager will assist you in locating your booth space and determine the best route to your booth. We recommend that breakdown be started no sooner than 10:30 and completed no later than 11:00 p.m. It is highly recommended that you pack in your materials if possible. The street closures will begin as soon as practical after noon. Therefore, vehicular traffic will be kept to a minimum. Streets MUST be cleared and open by midnight. Vendors who wish to breakdown early must pack their booth out or place covers over their booth/materials.

Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles or merchandise.

All vendors will be courteous and polite to our attendees and other vendors. Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival personnel, volunteers, and Oakridge Police are available to assist and should be notified of any disturbance.

Please contact George Custer at 541-225-8484, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any questions or for more information.

Please use the following form to apply as a vendor: Oakridge Keg & Cask Vendor Application


This event is funded in part with room tax funds from the City of Oakridge. The Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival is a non-profit program of the Upper Willamette Community Development Corporation.